Adult Learning
The international adult literacy survey provides an insight into the literacy issues in Britain. The study focused on working age adults and suggested that more than one out of five adults in Britain have very poor literacy standards. In Britain the number of people that fall into the low skills category is over twenty percent, that equates to eight million people who have difficulty with reading and writing that impacts on their everday life. Here at Dore we help thousands of adults to address the root cause of their learning obstacles and want to provide as much support to continue learning after the programme. See what happened to one of our readers.

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NIACE represents the interests of all those concerned with adult learning.
This site provides information about adult learning opportunities.
This is a really useful online resource, for adult literacy and numeracy. Useful for learners and tutors. They provide excellent downloads and it supports the national adult basic skills curriculum.
This site provides information about literacy and numeracy skills in primary and secondary schools, in the adult sector and in family literacy.