Most common dental treatments in Wiltshire

What are the most common dental treatments in 2019

We have interviewed over 122 dental practices to see what is the most common complaint and hence what is the most popular type of dental treatment asked for.

Please note if you are experiencing severe pain not controlled by regular pain relief taken for 48 hours, uncontrolled bleeding, large swelling, dental trauma or any other condition that is causing you to feel acutely unwell please call the Wiltshire dental helpline on 01672 516184 for assistance or advice.

For all other patients not experiencing any of the above, you are advised to call the surgery when it re-opens or call 111 for further advice.

Wiltshire dental Treatments in order of level of enquiries.

  1. Toothache
  2. Lost Fillings
  3. Broken Teeth
  4. Gum Swelling
  5. Facial Pain
  6. Dental Pain
  7. Abscess
  8. Fractured Teeth
  9. Decayed Roots
  10. Root Canal Problems
  11. Broken Dentures
  12. Loose Crowns
  13. Wisdom Teeth Problems
  14. Mouth Ulcers
  15. Fractured Jaws
  16. General Dental Pain



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