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Being a parent is probably the most rewarding, if toughest, thing you’ll ever do. Family life changes constantly and you’ll need different skills for each stage of your child’s development.

Work is now such a big part of our lives that many parents feel they are constantly juggling to try to balance work and family life – and doing neither as well as they’d like. Many parents feel guilty about not having as much time as they’d like to spend with their children, dealing with competing pressures from work and home.

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Remember, there is no one right way to parent and no perfect parent out there with all the answers. Parenting styles differ but when you feel confident and positive, your children are more likely to feel that way too. Be aware that you can do things differently but do what feels right for you and your children – trust your own judgement.We want to help you meet some of the many challenges you will face as a parent, giving you access to resources and advice on wide ranging issues. We are also working hard to make the UK more family friendly, making it a better place for your children.

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