Please see typical dental fees below*

Type of Procedure Price
Tooth Whitening from £250.00 for upper & lower teeth
Emergency Consultation FREE
White Fillings from £20.00 small
£65.00 medium
£80.00 large
Extractions £60.00
Root Canal Treatment £90.00 per canal
Crowns from £215.00
Maryland Bridge from £225.00
2 Tooth Bridge from £275.00
3 Tooth Bridge from £490.00
Veneer from £90.00 for composite
£145.00 for companeer
£205.00 for porcelain
Acrylic Full Denture from £225.00
Both Upper & Lower Full Dentures from £325.00
Chrome Denture from £310.00
Enhanced Examination £30.00
Small X-Ray as required £5.00
Scale & Polish from £15.00 to £30.00
Periodontal Therapy from £40.00

*Please note: prices depend on each individual practice and you cannot solely rely on these prices.

Finding the best dentist for you

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